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Large Selection Of Door Levers

When you’re in the market for new hardware, the levers from Ashley Norton offer a secure and stylish way to update the doors within your home. All levers from Ashley Norton have a distinct design with detailing that adds plenty of character and charm. The superior craftsmanship of each lever promises extremely smooth operation every single time.

Bronzed levers from Ashley Norton are customizable to your style preferences. For a rustic look, you can select levers in a dark bronze or matt black patina. When aiming for a modern, streamlined look, you may decide between a white medium or white bronze shade. Nickel levers are also a popular choice amongst customers looking to update their home’s interior design. Shade choices include polished nickel, satin brass, polished chrome, and polished brass. Choose Ashley Norton brand pieces throughout the home to consistently match all hardware.

Choose Leavers From Ashley Norton

Ashley Norton levers come as part of a complete door hardware set. Most doors require either one or two levers and can be installed with or without a latch. For a single dummy door like a pantry closet, only one lever is needed and no latch. When installed on a privacy door, two levers are required along with a latch that includes a privacy pin. Door levers are a solid choice for both interior doors and exterior doors, including patio doors and front doors. Since levers don’t require the same dexterity as doorknobs to open, they offer extreme convenience to all members of the household.

Hardware installation is easy for both homeowners and professional contractors alike. Levers will fit perfectly on modern, pre-drilled door styles. Fasteners and instructions are included with complete sets from Ashley Norton.

Find a dealer of Ashley Norton levers today using our Find a Dealer to give your home a much-needed upgrade.