• Sandcast Bronze Hardware
    Sandcast Bronze Hardware
    Skilled artisan hand cast every piece to create hardware with exquisite style and superb performance.
  • Exceptional Quality & Elegance
    Exceptional Quality & Elegance
    Door, Window and Cabinet Hardware to match your style
  • Elegant and Unique Design
    Elegant and Unique Design
    Art Grade Bronze in variety of designs, finishes and style to suit your space.
  • Solid Brass Collection
    Solid Brass Collection
    Designs influenced by contemporary and classical themes to suit the architectural features of your space.
  • Satin Brass Finish
    Satin Brass Finish
    Hardware in a choice of finishes to complement any style with ease
Ashley Norton

Discover The Possibilities

  • Mid Century Modern Look
    Mid Century Modern Look
    Classic Lines adds timeless style to homes of any era.
  • Durability paired with Contemporary Elegance
    Durability paired with Contemporary Elegance
    Contemporary architectural hardware crafted for your space. Personalized with a choice of finishes.
  • Luxurious feel and Refinement
    Luxurious feel and Refinement
    Brass and Bronze hardware with luxury and grace.
  • Door, Cabinet Hardware and Home Accessories
    Door, Cabinet Hardware and Home Accessories
    Variety of products with distinctive character for a whole consistent look.
  • Art Grade Bronze Hardware
    Art Grade Bronze Hardware
    Warm and inviting hardware in exquisite patinas