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Angular Suite

Bronze Angular Suites
Ashley Norton's angular suites offers superior quality coupled with innovative engineering. Cast from solid bronze, each door hardware piece is built to last. With a full suite of levers, knobs, and plates, Ashley Norton's angular suites are customized to complement your current home decor.
The angular suites are cast from solid bronze to create a beautiful finish for all the doors in your home. Sets from the angular suite collection will work for privacy doors, passage doors, patio doors, dummy doors, and more. Locking options are available for the entryway sets from Ashley Norton. Keyed entry, tubular entry, and mortise entry setups are made available through the angular suite line.
All door hardware sets are cast from the finest art grade bronze. Throughout the entire casting process, each hardware piece is meticulously handled. Creating each piece with the hot forging method, Ashley Norton ensures crisp and clean lines with a stunning finish. Offering unmatched quality, Ashley Norton products are valued for their longevity and beautiful appearance.

Unique Angular Suites To Suite Your Home
The angular suites have unique designs you won't find anywhere else. Lever options range from modern choices like the Meridian to traditional styles like the Shropshire. Knob selections include simple styles like the Helios and etched designs like the Pearl. The angular suite collection has a range of patina options to choose from. Lighter hardware patina shades include white medium and white bronze. Matt black and dark bronze are the darker shades found in the collection. Light bronze will appeal to those looking for a medium shade.

Find a Dealer of Ashley Norton angular suites to begin updating your home with beautiful and long-lasting bronze door hardware.