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Rectangular Suite

Bronze & Brass Rectangular Suites
Rectangular suites from Ashley Norton make the perfect addition to your home's decor. The rectangular suite pieces have a classic design to give a distinguished look to entry doors. Find a dealer of Ashley Norton products today to shop their collection of bronze and brass rectangular suites.
Rectangular suites from Ashley Norton include all door trim hardware needed to update your entranceways. Levers, pulls, and knobs are customized for each plate to your preferred configuration. The collection includes pieces fitted for privacy doors, passage doors, dummy doors, patio doors, and more. The door hardware included accommodates a variety of lock types including Hoppe, G-U, and Ashland locks.

Long Lasting Rectangular Suites From Ashley Norton
Finding an Ashley Norton rectangular suite product that suits your personal style is easy. Lever styles such as Greenwich and Apollo have a sleek and modern appearance. Casa and Churchill levers are more suited for traditionally styled homes. For knobs, the Ascot design has a classic look while Carlisle is perfect for contemporary interior design.
Cast from bronze and brass, the rectangular suites are built to last. The solid brass and bronze plates, knobs, and levers reflect superior craftsmanship. Each door hardware piece is carefully handled through every step of the process from casting to finishing. Available patina options give you the chance to match the door hardware to your current dC)cor items. A sample of patina shades includes satin chrome, polished chrome, satin brass, light bronze, dark bronze, and matt black.

Find a Dealer of Ashley Norton rectangular suites to begin updating your home with beautiful and long-lasting bronze and brass door hardware.