Our Story

Our Story

Ashley Norton's story began in 1987 when we were asked to solve installation challenges associated with the leading hardware brand of the time. Using modern European engineering techniques, we started supplying premium hardware for upscale homes which looked great, was comfortable to operate, and easy to install.

Over the years we have expended our product portfolio to include products encompassing almost any design style. With the launch of our Solid Bronze Collection in the late 90s, Ashley Norton offered homeowners the ability to keep a consistent design theme throughout the home with matching hardware options for both interior and exterior doors, along with coordinated home accessories such as cabinet pulls and knobs.

The proven durability of our products, our elegant and unique designs, and best-in-class value -proposition were amongst the reasons why our products were selected for the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Our products continue to be chosen by design professionals for high end residential and hospitality industries such as Wynn resort in Las Vegas and the Half Moon resort in Jamaica.

Ashley Norton Advantage

Ashley Norton Advantage

Established in 1987, Ashley Norton has grown to become one of the leading designers and manufacturers of architectural hardware. We have developed a wide range of products including a collection of designs, finishes and styles that suit even the most discerning customer.

With both Solid Brass and Solid Bronze manufacturing capabilities, our product range is amongst the most diverse in the high end architectural hardware industry.

Ashley Norton Advantage

We pride ourselves on the technical aspects of our product:

  • Our Solid Bronze products are cast from the finest art grade bronze, assuring a naturally flowing texture
  • Our Solid Brass products are produced using the hot forging method, allowing for crisp, sharp lines and exceptional finishing quality
  • Our products utilize European engineering and design, with spring assisted levers to eliminate lever sag
  • European made, short-throw (28 degree) latch which minimizes effort to open the door
  • ANSI Grade 1 certified, US made entry mortise locks, exceeding 5 million cycles
  • Stainless steel components used wherever possible to increase durability and resist corrosion

Green Statement

Green Statement

At Ashley Norton we believe that being environmentally responsible is part of our job. Over the years, we have implemented various steps to reuse, reduce and recycle materials at every stage in our factory as well as in our offices.

  • The character of our solid bronze products is bolstered by a 90% recycled bronze content
  • All of the brass or bronze used in our forging, machining and casting processes is reclaimed for reuse
  • Our non-destructive solid bronze casting process allows us to reclaim our molds for use again and again
  • Our packaging is made from recycled materials with no use of Styrofoam
  • Our literature is printed on paper from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources

Our Process - Solid Brass Collection


While durability and it’s tactile feel make it a popular choice for home and commercial hardware, our Ashley Norton brass is highly adaptable, and able to take on a variety of different looks through the various finishes that are offered, including satin nickel, dark oil rubbed, polished chrome, polished nickel, satin brass, polished brass, satin chrome, unlacquered brass and matt black.

Some of the benefits of brass hardware is its durability and resistance to corrosion.

The Process, Step by Step

The production of Ashley Norton brass, from concept to production, has multiple steps…a combination of both man and machine.

Cutting to Size - Raw brass billets are cut to a manageable size, and they are then heated in a furnace in order to make them pliable enough to forego the next step…Stamping.

Forging - The forge is loaded with a tool – tool is a mold of the product which has a top and a bottom half. The heated brass is stamped, creating a lever, knob or other item. When the top and bottom of the mold meet, excess brass exudes from the side of the mold. That material is then shaved off and saved for use in future production.

Cleaning Up Nicely - After the unfinished product is formed, it’s time to make it beautiful. This starts with cutting and shaving off the excess of the metal. That material is saved for use in future production. Waste not want not. Followed by polishing the item, which uncovers a brilliant, natural finish. The advantage of brass is its ability to take on a number of finishes. Ashley Norton offers 9 different finish options. We have a look to suit every taste.

Finishing Touches - Whether it is an escutcheon, lever or knob, there are some finishing touches that need to be completed. The machining process will drill holes into backplates for screws and privacy pins. The same goes for levers and knobs, which require unique finishing of their own.

Last, But Not Least - From Satin Nickel and Polished Chrome, to Satin Brass and Flat Black, each finish process is unique. Depending upon the finish, an item is then plated/lacquered/powder coated.

Our Process - Solid Bronze Collection


Known for its distinct look and durability, bronze is a popular choice for applications in the home, from door levers and knobs, to escutcheons and house numbers. If you can dream it, it can be made of bronze!

Ashley Norton has been sand casting fine bronze products since the early 1950’s. Today, our third-generation craftsmen continue produce hardware of the utmost levels of quality and beauty. Able to stand the test of time, we believe Ashley Norton bronze should be the clear choice for your home and business applications.

The Process

Sand casting dates back over 3,000 years. It is a highly skilled way of producing items, and it is how we continue to produce Ashley Norton bronze products. When it comes to bronze, there simply is no better way to make hardware.

It starts with an idea, a design and a mold

After our creative team has put a design to paper, it’s time to transfer that idea into a functioning sand-casting mold. The process, from start to finish, is lengthy and labor intensive, but yields a beautiful, unique product, with no two items exactly matching. It’s all a part of the look and allure of bronze.

After the mold is constructed, molten metal is carefully poured into it. The metal is then allowed to cool over several hours until it can be handled by hand. Then, the mold is separated to uncover bronze levers/knobs.

The finish

After sand-casting is complete, its time for the finishing of your item. Ashley Norton currently offers 5 finishes for bronze, and each finish is unique in and of itself.

To obtain the hue of choice, whether it be dark, light, medium or white bronze, items are oxidized in tanks. The amount of time within the tank determines the finish of the item. The longer the exposure, the darker/lighter the finish.

Ashley Norton also offers a matte black finish, which is applied through a powder coating process.

A keen eye for detail

Before a product continues to the last part of the manufacturing process, it is inspected. If the item does not hold up to our vigorous standards, it is removed and set aside. But nothing goes to waste. The bronze can be recycled for use in future production. Our items go through rigorous quality control checks throughout the production process.

Once the finishing process is complete, it’s time for the final steps. Items are cleaned to remove any of the chemicals used in the oxidation process. Once they have dried completely, they are then polished by hand and packaged. The final result…fine Ashley Norton bronze, which has no match within the marketplace.



Dark Bronze (BZ)
(Living finish)

Matt Black (TC)

White Bronze (WL)
(Living finish)

White Medium Bronze (WM)
(Living finish)

Natural Bronze (NB)

Natural Bronze (NB)
(Living Finish)


Satin Nickel

Dark Oil Rubbed (#8)
(Living finish)

Polished Chrome (#9)

Polished Nickel (#4B)
(Living finish)

Satin Brass

Polished Brass (#3)

Unlacquered Brass (#3U)
(Living finish)


Ashley Norton offers a wide spectrum of finishes to match styles that suit even the most discerning customers.
Our products go through a multi-step process to make our finishes durable, resistant and long lasting. Dark Oil Rubbed (8), Polished Nickel (4B), Unlacquered Brass (3U), Dark Bronze (BZ), White Bronze (WL), White Medium (WM) are dynamic finishes. These will take on unique as age, climate and touch works their charm, creating an ever-changing patina.