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Appliance Pulls Those Make Your Kitchen Different

You have finished your new kitchen remodel, but something seems to be missing. Yes, the room is beautiful, but you can't help but feel like you forgot an important detail. Maybe it is time to rethink those appliance pulls. Bring a more cohesive look to the space with awe-inspiring appliance pulls by Manzoni. You will be amazed at the difference this one small addition can make to the room.

Often overlooked, appliance pulls are one way to add a distinctive flare to the room, while also tying in the design elements from the rest of the kitchen. Whether you decide to match the appliance pulls to your other cabinet hardware or choose to add some additional flare with a unique look doesn't matter. What matters most is finding the kind of quality designer appliance pulls your new kitchen deserves.

Sophisticated & Modern Appliance Pulls

Manzoni appliance pulls are rated as industry leaders, offering the distinctive customer a sophisticated, yet modern look. Hand crafted to give the pulls a natural aged appearance, these appliance pulls come in multiple style, designs and sizes. Whether you are looking for a more modern manufacturing style look and urban feel,  or a more traditional style, Manzoni offers a distinct collection of appliance pulls to choose from.

The Bauhaus Collection sports a trendy manufacturing feel, while the Urban Collection offers a sleek design any city dweller will love. More traditional homeowner will want to check out the rope or Tuscany inspired pulls that feature everything from a bar, tapered or offset design. Available in three sizes ranging from 13 to 25 inches, these pulls are made to meet every appliance need. Four color pallets are also available, offering even more choices in your new kitchen design.

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