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The drop pulls by Manzoni are a decorative statement that can complete the look of your cabinetry. Our mission is to blend creativity with superior manufacturing techniques and to present unique options for customers to use in their homes and businesses. Whether you're outfitting a new apartment complex or remodeling your own kitchen or bathroom, consider how the fixtures of a room contribute to its overall effect. These pulls are not only a smart (and economical way) to improve a room, but they also provide a little extra zest to the everyday storage of the room.

Drop Pulls from Manzoni

Drop pulls are designed to be easy to grasp and move. You'll find a number of styles available, depending on the general decor of the room. Whether you're looking for white brass or dark bronze, the spectrum runs the gamut to fit a variety of tastes. The quality of each handle and its timeless elegance ensure they'll last for many years to come. It's easy to replace the original pulls with the drop pulls, making it the obvious choice for simple refurbishment jobs. There's no need to rip out cabinetry when you can restore them and update the original fixtures.

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Manzoni drop pulls come in ornate and intricate patterns that create a tactile experience for the user. Or you can find handles that are sleek and streamlined. Available in round, curved, and straight pulls, you can choose the shape that's right for you. Your choice should not only reflect the aesthetics of the room, but also the people who will eventually use the pulls. A curved handle may be a more universal design, able to be used by the young and old alike. If you have any additional questions, find a dealer today to learn more.